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Make smarter decisions, improve employee experience and collect customer feedback with our intuitive survey tool.

Engaged Respondents

Engaged Respondents

Say goodbye to boring questionnaires. Gain higher response rates with engaging surveys.

Unique Question Types

Unique Question Types

Enrich your survey data with two unique question types: 2D and slider.

Patented Intelligence

Patented Intelligence

Prioritize data easily with our patented and scientifically proven method.

Interactive Reports

Interactive Reports

Gain valuable insights faster with interactive reporting.

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Save Your Time and Explore Our Most Popular Survey Templates

Whether you’re looking to collect customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction or perform a pulse survey, we’ve got you covered. Get started with our templates or build your own.

The Future Is for Data Lovers

Quality data leads to better decisions, more engaged employees and happier customers.

Scientific Accuracy

Scientific Accuracy

Use Z-scoring to get statistically valid, normalized survey results. Z-scoring makes your reports not only more accurate but also easier to analyze.

Interactive Reports

Pinpoint Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Dive into the most powerful survey reports you’ve ever seen. You can even filter and compare different respondent segments to make the most of your data.

Meet Our Customers

See how human resources, marketing, sales and customer service professionals have been using ZEF survey tool.

Nina Smidtslund HRM Partners
Nina Smidtslund

Career Coach,
HRM Partners

“It is important for us that our employees can do well and feel that their work is meaningful.”
Anssi Huisman Alexandria Pankkiiriliike
Anssi Huisman

Head of Communications and Marketing,
Alexandria Pankkiiriliike

“For the first time collected feedback enabled us to measure customer experience in its entirety. Now the survey is a part of our continuous processes.”
Janne Pyrrö Finn-ID
Janne Pyrrö


“"With ZEF's 2D question type, we have understood our main development targets as well strengths. With the results we now have a clear idea of what things still need to be done and where we have succeeded. "”

Get Higher Response Rates with ZEF survey tool

Make your next survey feel like a reward, not a punishment.

Surveys that Have Higher Engagement

Customizable Design

Make your surveys look good by choosing your own brand font, colors and more.

Unique Answering Experience

Unique Answering Experience

Create personalized answering paths, results and thank you messages for the respondents.

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