Recognize your strengths and weaknesses with ZEF’s smart survey reports.

Powerful Interactive Reports

Use the interactive reports to find out your real strengths and weaknesses. Filter and compare different respondent groups and gain real-time insights without annoying delays.

Customizable Reports

Customizable Reports

Build customizable reports in just a few clicks. Highlight your most important findings, create custom charts and choose how you want to visualize your data.



Share your interactive reports internally or export data as CSV, XLSX, PPTX (PowerPoint), DOCX or PDF.

Explore Diverse Chart Types

Visualize the collected data as you want. You have + 10 different chart types.

Summary Charts

See the summary of the selected questions in a single chart.


See how the answers are divided across the response area.

Colum Charts

Compare easily answers using bar charts.

Line Charts

Discover trends or notice changes overtime with line chart.


Track how loyal your customers are by measuring the NPS number.

Bar Charts

Compare answers easily using bar charts.

Pie and Donut Charts

See distribution between answer easily in pie or donut charts.

World Cloud

See the most commonly recurring words in collected free texts.

Radar Chart

Compare multiple quantitative variables in one chart.

Patented Intelligence

Use our patented and scientifically proven method to prioritize data and remove response bias.

Check out the video to understand what the ZEF method is and how you can benefit from using it.

Oskar Lindroos Lejos
”With the ZEF-method, we have been able to identify the most important development areas.”

– Oskar Lindroos, CEO, Lejos

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