Release Notes

This page lists the release notes from every new released version of Zeffi. There are descriptive bullet points in each release telling what’s the release about in general and by clicking "Show details" you can learn about the details of each release.

If you have encountered a bug/problem or have any questions/inquiries about the tool, please submit them here.

Latest SAAS release (➤Completed) (Unreleased)


  • Major changes behind the scenes

  • Partial offline support and better caching

Bug fix release 1.22.2


  • Bug fixes and improvements for the design, report and notification emails
Bug fix release 1.22.1


  • Fixed issue in slider questions positioning when using non default min / max values
New beta release 1.22.0


  • Lots of small bug fixes and tweaks
Bug fix release 1.21.1


  • Fixed a bug in free text answers showing in analyzer
New beta release 1.21.0


  • Added survey invitation anonymity controls

  • Re-design of the user menu for better usability

Bug fix release 1.20.5


  • Couple smaller bug fixes
Bug fix release 1.20.4


  • Many small bug fixes and tweaks around the whole service
Bug fix release 1.20.3


  • Fixed ordering issues when duplicating a survey

  • Fixed surveys invitation not working for normal users

Bug fix release 1.20.2


  • Fixed a bug that caused renaming of survey to rename wrong survey

  • Fixed a bug that made it possible for created share links end up in wrong survey

Bug fix release 1.20.1


  • Small bug fixes for the analyzer
New beta release 1.20.0


  • Many small bug fixes

  • Added ability to compare multiple surveys in the analyzer

Bug fix release 1.19.2


  • Fixed errors in analysis when hiding questions
Bug fix release 1.19.1


  • Fixed toggles requiring multiple clicks

  • Fixed issues regarding signup and website surveys page loading

New beta release 1.19.0


  • Added file upload question type

  • Added mandatory questions support

  • Added survey draft feature for the editor

  • Added support for making questions to be mandatory

  • Added automatic language detection for the survey app

  • Separated choice question type to single and multi choices

Bug fix release 1.18.5


  • Fixed bug that cause anonymous users survey creation to fail
Bug fix release 1.18.4


  • Fixed issues with shared report logins
Bug fix release 1.18.3


  • Fixed problems with the signup
Bug fix release 1.18.2


  • Small improvements for the team members invitation flow

  • Its now possible to use properties as trigger email recipients

  • General improvements and bug fixes all around the system

Bug fix release 1.18.1


  • Bug fixes for the analyzer
New beta release 1.18.0


  • Many bug fixes

  • Report sharing email is send with users language

  • Added possibility to freeze the survey app version on publish

  • Added complete list of languages for adding new translations

  • Added update notification when ever there is update to the service

Bug fix release 1.17.1


New beta release 1.17.0


  • Scheduled invitation and reminders

  • Added support for setting survey answers via query parameters

  • Added support for disabling filtering from text questions in shared reports

  • Added easy way to test sms and email invitation / reminder sending

Bug fix release 1.16.1


  • Small tweaks and bug fixes

  • New PDF export for analytics

New beta release 1.16.0


  • Added new trend analysis for the report
Bug fix release 1.15.1


  • Small bug fixes for the editor and the player
New beta release 1.15.0


  • Small usability improvements for the player

  • Added proper CTA functionality for the outcomes

  • Added outcome features needed for making better quizzes

Bug fix release 1.14.2


  • Fixed player not loading in IE 11 browsers

  • Fixed bug in the choice question that allowed 1 less answers than the choice limit

Bug fix release 1.14.1


  • Couple small bug fixes
New beta release 1.14.0


  • First official version of the Zeffi API
Bug fix release 1.13.2


  • Small bug fixes all around the product
Bug fix release 1.13.1


  • Fixed invitation links not always working

  • Fixed shared reports not loading properly

New beta release 1.13.0


  • Small bug fixes

  • UI fixes for touch devices

  • Added Swedish survey templates

  • Added translations to the created surveys

  • Added support for sending invitations via SMS

Bug fix release 1.12.10


  • Added new NPS question type

  • Added SCA (strong customer authentication) handling for the payments

Bug fix release 1.12.9


  • New design bot with improved algorithms

  • Fixed leaving from the organization as member

  • Fixed PDF export with unsupported ascii characters

Bug fix release 1.12.8


  • Various small bug fixes

  • Fixed scrolling issues with latest Chrome version

Bug fix release 1.12.7


  • Fixed background images not being scrollable in design view

  • Hopefully finally fixed the randomly appearing survey permissions dialog bug

Bug fix release 1.12.6


  • Fixed survey permission dialog being shown randomly

  • Load time optimizations for the survey discovery dialog

Bug fix release 1.12.5


  • Tweaks for the editor UI

  • Fixed couple small bugs

Bug fix release 1.12.4


  • Improvements for the website
Bug fix release 1.12.3


  • Fixed admins and owners not seeing all the surveys
Bug fix release 1.12.2


  • Small fixes for the editor and surveys view
Bug fix release 1.12.1


  • Added confirmation dialog for sending emails

  • Small fix for the signup process when redirect is used

New beta release 1.12.0


  • Many small bug fixes

  • Simplified contacts linking in the analyzer

  • New plans naming and added Einstein plan

  • Added interactive help center (will get enabled once content is added)

Bug fix release 1.11.9


  • Fixed signup redirect url for Finnish language users
Bug fix release 1.11.8 (Unreleased)


  • Fixed privacy policy link in the survey view
Bug fix release 1.11.7


  • Minor cosmetic bug fixes

  • Fixed issues with completion percentage calculation

Bug fix release 1.11.6


  • Fixed problem with loading animation showing when it should not
Bug fix release 1.11.5


  • Various small bug fixes, mainly for the survey and editor views
Bug fix release 1.11.4


  • Various small fixes for the analyzer

  • Fixed questions group deleting in the editor

  • Fixed leaving from organization not working

  • Fixed 2D x-axis labels positioning in the survey

  • Fixed bug in publishing duplicated surveys with CSS files

  • Fixed question group deletion not working in certain situations

Bug fix release 1.11.3


  • Fixed survey creation on the website
Bug fix release 1.11.2


  • Fixed surveys not shown for users with member rights
Bug fix release 1.11.1


  • Fixed 2D question not working on older iOS versions

  • Fixed issues duplicating a survey with choice questions

  • Fixed analyzer not able to handle properties with commas

New beta release 1.11.0


  • Lots of small bug fixes

  • Smoother signup process

  • Fixed login issues in certain situations

  • Fixed login accounts managing in profile

  • Added tutorial video for the surveys section

  • Added touch devices support for the editor side

Bug fix release 1.10.6


  • Fixed bug with analyzer not handling erroneous data
Bug fix release 1.10.5


  • Fixed survey not showing on iPhones
Bug fix release 1.10.4


  • Fixed labels related bugs for 1D and 2D question types

  • Fixed social icons not showing correctly in the survey view

Bug fix release 1.10.3


  • Fixed opening of the private reports

  • Fixed signup button not working on the editor

Bug fix release 1.10.2


  • Added senders name properties for the emails

  • Fixed private report login page not loading / showing

  • Fixed issues with the emails not having working survey link

Bug fix release 1.10.1


  • Fixed redirect loop in certain situations
New beta release 1.10.0


  • Fixes for the report grid layout

  • Added new discover surveys page

  • Added ability to delete share / email links