The Osteoporosis Quiz Informs and Enlightens the Risk Group and Advises them to Contact Medical Care

Only one in four Finns suffering from osteoporosis is aware of his/her medical condition. The “lujaa luuta” (hard as a bone) campaign was started as a part of the Suomi Finland 100 project and was aimed at increasing Finns’ knowledge regarding their bone health and the risk, treatments and prevention of osteoporosis. The goal is to provide 10 000 women who find themselves in the risk group with a free Binex-bone density scan.
An interactive osteoporosis quiz for increasing website visitors was set up for the campaign with ZEF. The quiz was embedded on the campaign website, where it helped the site visitors to map out their own risks for osteoporosis. As an outcome, the site visitor was informed of whether they should take part in the free bone scan. The visitors who belonged to the risk group were directed straight to making an appointment for the bone scan.


The quiz has already collected 44 400 responses and informed the respondents about their own situation. It has also instructed the risk group to pursue medical care.

Terveystalo is the largest healthcare service company in Finland. They offer versatile healthcare, occupational healthcare, medical and examination services in nearly 150 clinics around Finland.

“The osteoporosis test has helped us to guide the risk group into Binex -scan.”

–  Tiina Ristola, Account Director, Terveystalo

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