What is ZEF?

We are a Finnish software company offering intelligent surveys for insightful sales, marketing and human resources.

Our story

We are a Finnish software company offering intelligent surveys for insightful sales and marketing. We have been awarded as the #1 Great Place to Work in Finland in 2016. Our company is built on our values love, passion and bravery. Our family represents already four different nationalities and our common language is English. We have three teams with different responsibilities, but we are all working towards our common dream, every day.

From consulting to software development

During our journey we have offered a wide range of software and services that have enabled people and organizations to make better decisions. In our early years we were working as a management consultant company, and during that time we built the first survey tool for our own use. The tool was entitled ZEFsurvey and it quickly started to attract interest among our customers. It didn’t take too long before we started to sell ZEFsurvey to our customers with a SaaS model. The groundbreaking innovations made among the field of survey later received a patent from United States Patent and Trademark Office and are still working as the foundation of ZEF.

In 2006 we applied our survey tool with MTV3, one of the leading media houses in Finland, and created our very first voting advice application to help people find the most suitable candidate to vote for in the Finnish presidential election. This started the development and sales of our second product called VotingAid. In 2008 we started to refine the ideology of VotingAid to help people find other things online based on their individual needs and opinions. First released such application was Puppy Engine, made in cooperation with Ilta-Sanomat, one of Finland’s two prominent tabloid size evening newspaper, and The Finnish Kennel Club. Puppy Engine was helping people to filter a suitable dog breed, based on person’s life situation and criteria for the dog.

In the late 2008 we were already building our third product, soon to be named Matchit, that enabled organizations to create comparison applications for their products and services. Many of our customers quickly started to use Matchit as a platform to create different personality tests, quizzes and other survey-like online tests. The popularity of such online quizzes started to rise fast and the social sharing features of these apps made them spread among social media like wildfire.

In the early 2011 we responded to our customer wishes and started to build our fourth product called Livezhat, a real-time online chat. We were among the pioneers of Finnish online chat service providers and managed to make online chat here as a compulsory element in excellent online customer experience. On the first of November in 2015 we sold the Livezhat business to Elisa Oyj, a Finnish telecommunications company, as a part of our new strategy.

Today we are focusing all of our efforts on one platform that enables creating intelligent, profiling surveys. We have stripped off all different product names and gathered all the best elements under one word: ZEF. ZEF is an online platform taking your interactivity to the next level. With ZEF you can build meaningful surveys, quizzes, selectors and assessments to profile your audience and make better decisions.


We treat each other with love
We treat customers with love
We treat users with love
We love what we do


We are here to change the world
We develop ourselves to be the best
We act now
We never give up


We are brave to change
We encourage each other
We know as a team we will do it