Entertaining Mobility Calculator Encourages to Consider Alternative Transportation Methods

Motiva wanted to strengthen their collaborative partnerships and projects through interactive content produced with ZEF. Motiva has used ZEF to create various quizzes, for example a mobility calculator for the European Mobility Week.

The mobility calculator informs the visitors of the saving they could achieve by using alternative transportation, for example by walking instead of using your own car. As an outcome, the calculator expresses the savings in euros, but also in movie tickets or kilos of bananas. The goal for the calculator was to encourage the target group to use alternative transportation, while collecting information regarding the target group’s transportation habits.

The mobility calculator was marketed in channels that promoted the European Mobility Week. It was also advertised in Facebook and Twitter.


The calculator started to spread with a minimal input since the target group found the calculator intriguing. Over 400 visitors left their contact information and a good amount of data was collected regarding the target group’s transportation habits.

The data showed what kinds of trips the target group completes along with what distances the target group covers during these trips.


Motiva provides the public sector, businesses, municipalities and consumers with information, solutions and services that allow them to make resource-efficient, effective and sustainable choices.

Sini Marttinen

“Site visitors were enthusiastic about the quiz. We got very good numbers with minimal effort.”

Sini Marttinen, Project Manager for the European Mobility Week, Motiva

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