Exceptional Information Regarding Consumers' Preferences and Buying Behavior

In order to react to consumer needs and continuously offer compelling products to them, Lejos strives to understand consumer behavior and preferences as accurately as possible. Therefore, they need to collect data directly from consumers. Oskar Lindroos, the CEO of Lejos, has found that collected data is business critical for Lejos, since it allows them to offer “that extra something” for consumers in all of their life events.

Distinctive Data

ZEF has helped Lejos to get closer to consumers and learn more about their various preferences. With the ZEF-method, Lejos has been able to identify the most important development areas, as well as victories, and grow their knowledge from good to even better.

Over 90 years of best flavors from around the world – Lejos is a family owned company in Finland that imports and markets best international food brands.

Lejos Oskar

“Data collection is critical to us. We need to understand our consumers, since they are in the core of our business. ZEF has a significant role in supporting us.”

–  Oskar Lindroos, CEO

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