Accurate Survey Tool for Data-Driven Decisions

Create all of your surveys with our user-friendly survey tool and gain a deep understanding of your stakeholders.

Easy and Visual Answer Experience

Higher Response Rates

A visual and game-like experience attracts your respondents to answer the survey. Answering is fast and easy on all devices.

Korkeammat vastausprosentit - Higher response rate
Zefin kysymystyypit

Versatile and Accurate Information

Diverse Question Types

Utilize 2d and slider questions as well as the traditional choice question types.

Discover Development Targets at a Glance

Better Results

Manage your resources and improve your business with clear reports that pinpoint strengths and weaknesses.

ZEF Menetelmä

A wide range of question types

We provide you our wide range of question types. With slider, choice, fourfold and free text questions you can produce all your surveys with a single tool.

Ready-made survey templates

We have created dozens of high-quality survey templates, which you can use for your source of ideas and inspiration. You can also take on a survey with just one click of a button.

Individual response paths

You can create response paths by conditioning certain questions for certain people or answers. You can for example create completely different questions for men and women.

Alarm notifications at your convenience

You can receive alarm notifications automatically based on certain answers. This is how you will stay aware in case the users communicate critique or other thoughts that might require fast action.

Invitations and reminders

You can send personal invitations, follow the answer rate real-time and remind those, who have not disclosed their answers yet.

The ZEF survey tool is versatile and easy for our employees to use and answer. At Lapti, we have been using ZEF for many years, and we get really useful information from the results.

Matti Niemelä Human Resources Director, Lapti

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