Create Beautiful and Intelligent Surveys

ZEF is an intelligent and user-friendly survey tool that enables you to collect valuable information for decision-making.

Monipuolinen kyselytyökalu - Diverse survey tool

User-friendly Survey Tool

Create intelligent surveys, assessments, quizzes and product selectors. Collect information and profile your customers.

Effective Data Collection

Collect valuable information about your customers, employees and other stakeholders. Thanks to a gamelike experience you get higher response rates and more data.


Surveys for Marketing

Collect warm leads and engage website visitors with interactive surveys.

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Surveys for Sales

Find out your customer’s needs and personality with a profiling survey.

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Surveys for Development

Improve your employee satisfaction and customer experience with intelligent surveys.

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Surveys for Elections

Connect voters and candidates with VotingAid.

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Customer Case

Alexandria Pankkiiriliike

Alexandria Pankkiiriliike


How Neuroscience and Conversational Intelligence are Driving the Future of B2B Sales


How to Motivate Your Sales Reps for Greater Results Through Customer Understanding

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