Get The Facts Straight With Beautiful And Intelligent Surveys

A simple, professional user friendly survey tool that brings you the insights that drive business forward.

More Than Just a Survey Tool

Engage employees, improve leads and increase customer happiness with our flexible tool. We offer quizzes, tests, selectors, voting advice applications, calculators and surveys.

  • Sample questions and templates for easy, professional results
  • An attractive User friendly tool for high engagement
  • Visual and scientifically accurate reports for smart decisions
ZEF - Monipuolinen kyselytyökalu - Flexible Survey Tool
ZEF kyselyt tiedonkeruu

Discover Answers. Grow Smart.

ZEF offers a simple, professional and easy to use survey tool that helps you get the answers to important questions, understand the people who matter most and develop your business to its full potential.

Employee Engagement
Improve your organization’s culture and overall productivity by getting valuable employee feedback.

Customer Service and Success
Let your customer be the guiding light that shows you where to go.

Business Strategy
Get answers to your market and business strategy questions, and lead the way with real insight. We live in a data-driven world, let ZEF help you get where you need to go.

Surveys as a Service

Want customized, professional guidance on your next survey? A professionally built survey can help you make smarter decisions that have a stunning impact on your business.

We’ll get to know your organization personally and design and deliver a tailor made solution that fits your needs like a glove.


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