Create Beautiful and Intelligent Surveys

ZEF is an intelligent and user-friendly survey tool that enables you to collect valuable information for decision-making.

A solution for all surveys

Flexible Survey Tool

Create intelligent surveys, assessments, quizzes and product selectors. Profile your customers and collect valuable information from various stakeholders.

  • Sample questions and templates
  • User-friendly tool
  • Visual and versatile reports

Plan, build and analyze

ZEF is All About High-Quality Data

Thanks to ZEF’s game-like experience, you pay attention to your respondent’s experience and collect more specific data.

Customer satisfaction surveys
Collect important feedback from your organization’s stakeholders for effective development.

Strategy surveys
Develop your business with high-quality data.

Employee satisfaction surveys
Discover your employees’ motivation and needs.

100 % satisfaction guarantee

Surveys as a Service

We also provide surveys as a service. We will show you the benefits of using the ZEF-method and will identify your organization’s strengths and development areas.

Effortless Data Collection at Every Point of Contact

We help you gather relevant data from various target groups in order to find out what your organization’s most critical points of contact are.

More Satisfied Customer
More Successful Company
Happier Employees

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