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Learn how our customers have used the ZEF Survey Tool.

Lejos has learned a lot about consumers and their preferences. By using the ZEF method, Lejos has also pinpointed what their development targets are.

HRM Partners wanted to understand more about the well-being of their own work community and company culture, which is why they chose an employee survey with the help of ZEF’s specialists.

Motiva wanted to strengthen its own collaborative projects through interactive content with the ZEF tool.

A Bone Test created with ZEF educates an at risk group and encourages them to seek treatment.

A profiling survey conducted with ZEF helps investment consultants to understand customer needs. In 2016, Alexandria met more than 10% more new customers because of profiling.

St. Gallen uses the ZEF survey tool before events for registration purposes. For example, they can chart dietary preferences or student interests.

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