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Discover how our customers use the ZEF tool as a part of intelligent sales and marketing.

Valmet created navigation assistant to help website visitors to find the right content on wide web site.

Fiskars ZEF

Fiskars axe machine provides valuable data on consumer needs and helps consumers to find an axe based on their needs.

Monster’s Calling machine helps users to determine what is their real calling.

Oras ZEF
Jokerit ZEF

Jokerit player machine helps fans to find out what player they resemble.

Vianor ZEF

The rapid change in customers' buying processes has created a need to take part in digital dialogue already before the first meeting - the best way to do this is through an intelligent survey. ZEF's tool has been seen to be the best tool for this purpose.

Mika D. RubanovitschOwner, Johtajatiimi

The pre-meeting survey makes it more likely for prospects to turn into customers.

Anssi HuismanCMO, Alexandria Pankkiiriliike

It’s not enough to create something fun, entertaining and engaging - our ZEF was all this but in addition it provided cutting-edge journalistic content that we used to generate several unique news items. Our readers discovered new facts about the candidates and had an overall positive reaction to the tool.

Ismael NafriaLa Vanguardia

ZEF tools provide interesting opportunities for activating consumers.

Juhani LempinenBusiness Manager, Fiskars Garden Europe and Asia-Pacific

Learn how to double your close rate with pre-meeting profiling:

With a pre-meeting survey you are able to engage the customer and the sales rep to be better prepared for the upcoming meeting.

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