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Alexandria Pankkiiriliike is one of Finland’s largest investment service companies. Alexandria serves over 67 000 customers nationally at 26 branches with more than 300 investment professionals. Alexandria has been awarded with the GPTW award five times.

Alexandria Pankkiiriliike

Alexandria Pankkiiriliike

Alexandria Pankkiiriliike started its collaboration with ZEF to collect detailed information about their customer experience. The target was to react to customers’ changed buying habits and find innovative ways to measure customer experience. With the ZEF survey, Alexandria has been able to collect high-quality feedback regarding customers’ experiences without a great amount of work.

“For the first time collected feedback enabled us to measure customer experience in its entirety. Now the survey is a part of our continuous processes.”
– Anssi Huisman, Head of Communications and Marketing

After measuring customer experience, a new project in collaboration with ZEF and Mika D. Rubanovitsch from Johtajatiimi was kicked-off. The project was targeted towards developing customers’ buying experiences through a profiling survey that was sent to potential buyers before the sales meeting took place.

The profiling survey enabled the investment professionals in Alexandria to tailor upcoming meetings based on the customer’s needs and persona. The survey helped both the customer and the investment professional to prepare for the meeting.

A profiling survey for buyers who declined the sales meeting was also designed. This survey resulted in declined buyers requesting a meeting with an investment professional after completing the survey.

“When the buyer receives information regarding our offerings beforehand, it is easier for them to decide if our services suit their needs.
– Anssi Huisman, Head of Communications and Marketing


As a result of the profiling survey, Alexandria met over 10 % more new customers in 2016. Their turnover increased with a six digit number and the amount of closed deals was 60 % higher compared to non-profiled customers. Profiling also affected the amount of meetings while the no-show rate for profiled sales meetings was found to be lower compared to non-profiled sales meetings.

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