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Join now our over 1000 international customers: Engage huge audiences and collect millions of opinions for your election coverage with the world’s most popular opinion-matching tool for voters!

Why do the world’s leading media networks choose VotingAid?

millions of users

VotingAid® apps are the most important channel for voters to learn about candidates and parties before elections. VotingAid® attracts millions of users to your website and increases the political debate!

millions of opinions

VotingAid® stores every single opinion given by voters and candidates for your use. With VotingAid®’s clear insights you can create interesting news content and hot topics for election debates!


1 out of 6 voters make their voting decision based on the first recommendation by VotingAid®. VotingAid® increases transparency between candidates and voters and has the power to make any elections more democratic!

What a leading media and the Finnish Minister say about it:

VotingAid On Tour 2015

VotingAid is on tour around Europe from mid-September to mid-December! Follow a trip of a lifetime as our elections geek Minna backpacks her way through countries that are anticipating elections!


“Both voters and candidates alike have enjoyed using our Votingaid. Usability has proven to be great and the feedback we’ve received has been very positive. Our experiences of working with ZEF are wonderful; there are energetic, young people who are always with a very positive attitude innovating with us. An inspiring partner!”

Sami Ruokangas, MTV

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How do you create a success story with VotingAid?

1. Create current political questions:

Make a list of the election’s most controversial topics. Use interesting questions generating differences between candidates and the opinions of diverging political fronts.

2. Choose an attractive design:

Choose or create an attractive design for your app. VotingAid’s game-like, beautiful user interface will smoothly melt to be a part of your website!

3. Receive candidates’ opinions:

Invite candidates by e-mail to answer to your questions. Send a ready-made link through which they can easily give their own opinions and other details.

4. Launch it for voters:

Embed your VotingAid app on your website close enough to Election Day. Spread the word about it in news, social medias and other important channels!

5. Let voters find their candidates:

Voters are answering the same questions as the candidates in your VotingAid app. They see the matching percent with candidates and can compare their answers question by question. As they share their results in social medias, you’ll get a buzz into your website!

…And Benefit from the millions of opinions!

VotingAid stores every single opinion given by voters and candidates for your use. Analyze the data in a visual, interactive report and create the most followed news about the whole nation’s opinions! Predict even the election’s results!

Create your VotingAid app with the visual & easy-to-use editor

Create questions

You can create the questions in Notepad or Word and bring them easily to the editor with VotingAid’s Data Wizard. VotingAid offers you a variety of different question types to choose from, like sliders and alternative questions. Divide the questions in categories to make your app clear and easily readable!

Invite candidates

Administrate the candidates and invite them to answer to your VotingAid app. See on the VotingAid’s dashboard who have already given their answers and send reminders to those whose answers are still pending.

Choose your design

Create an engaging design automatically with VotingAid’s Color Wizard: Just give your website address and the tool creates a suitable design for your brand! You can also choose from the ready-made designs or create everything yourself with CSS.

Play with an interactive report

See the whole nation’s opinions at a glance in VotingAid’s visual, interactive reports. Analyze and filter the opinions to find interesting details and insights for your news. Try VotingAid’s interactive report, click here! 

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