Survey Services

All services include one survey as a service, support and reporting assistance.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Find out why your customers are happy with your service and what reasons they could have for switching to your competitors.

Price: 2500 € + VAT

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employee surveys as a service are an easy way to understand your own staff better. Developing company's working atmosphere and a motivation will help you work better as community.

Price: 2500 € + VAT

Company Strategy Survey

Clarify your company's strategy with strategy survey as a service. By involving everyone in evaluating the company's values and goals, you will find out what the strengths and weaknesses of your company are.

Price: 2500 € + VAT

Customized Survey

Do you have a specific need for a survey in mind? Let us help you. We have dozens of ready-made survey templates and 20 years of expertise in creating surveys. Ask offer from us.

All survey projects will include:

1 hour consultancy meeting, survey delivery,absolute report and normalized report delivered to your e-mail, reports for each separate unit.

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