Amaze your visitors with a real-time chat!

”Livezhat is by far the best tool to handle live chat on your website or online store. Engage, serve and sell online easily, safely and lightning-fast.”


Boost your online sales conversions. 11% better conversions by average!


More than 17% of your customers want to be helped on live chat rather than by phone or email!

Be more

1 phone call or 10 chats at the same time? Multiply your service resources!


All the features of Livezhat are always in your use, without any limits. You pay one clear price, that doesn’t change based on page views, conversation amounts or anything else. Your cost is only based on amount of simultaneously logged in operators. You can choose operator amount and billing period youself.

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24,90€ / kk

– 21,10€ / month with 24 month subscription
– All features, unlimited use
– 1 operator

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124,50€ / month

– 105,50€ / month with 24 month subscription
– All features, unlimited use
– 5 operators

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373,50€ / month

– 316,50€ / kk month with 24 month subscription
– All features, unlimited use
– 15 operators

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Starter pack 999€

– Application training for your operators
– How to be a live chat PRO training
– Customized theme for your company’s site
– Starter pack for annual subscriptions -10% and 24 month subscriptions -15%

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Highlighted features

See your website visitors in a real-time visitor feed

See what’s happening on your website in real-time. Livezhat has a real-time visitor feed where you can with one glance see all the active site visitors, how long they have been there, what pages they have been looking – and you can start to chat with them. The visitor feed and live chat help you to transform anonymous site visitors into conversations and new sales!

Speed up your customer service

Livezhat speeds up your customer service. See a preview of the message your site visitor is typing before she has sent it – and start preparing your answer already while she is typing! The quicker your answer is, the better will the wow effect be for your customer. Save answer templates and use them in frequently asked questions so you will not need to write them again and again. Set templates in advance or on the fly when chatting by clicking the save button next to the texts you have sent.

Effective reporting and analytics

Use Livezhat’s own reports and statistics to see easily answering times, the amount of conversations and many more simple and deeper stats. You will also receive a weekly summary of your chat activities to your email. Integrate Livezhat to your Google Analytics account to send the chat activity to see how live chat affects on your conversions and the engagement on your site.

Free, unlimited customer service

We offer 100% free customer service for all our users via email and chat during regular office hours. You will find all the support materials and contact details when you sign in to your account.

Light and durable user interface with high data security level

Livezhat works on your favorite browser without any plugin installations – and without a need for IT support. Being online on your site doesn’t bother your other work: The Livezhat interface just lies on an open tab and when you have a new chat, Livezhat alerts you effectively. Data security is strongly being taken care of, our servers and back-end are top quality – as just one example, even the Church of Finland has 100% trust on Livezhat’s security in pastoral care conversations.

Save conversations and find your chats easily

You are in control as to what data you save and what you don’t want to save. You can choose to save everything – or have chats that you don’t save at all. Use tags to save chats with certain keywords so you’ll find them easier in future – you can also develop your actions based on the tag reports.

Automatic chat greetings

Send personalized greetings to your website visitors based on their actions and engagement automatically. Set priority rules (for example, the total sum of a shopping cart) easily on the web interface without coding and set triggers based on them. Research shows that automatic greetings can raise website conversions by tens of percents!

Modify the theme of your chat widget

We have designed tens of ready-made theme templates for you to use, for free! You can also modify your theme freely using the CSS-file. It’s your site and your theme – the design is as you want!