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Engage huge audiences and collect opinions of masses for your election coverage with the world’s most popular opinion-matching tool for voters!

What is VotingAid?

For candidates and parties, VotingAid is a survey of their views on current issues. When you embed VotingAid on your site, voters will answer the exactly same questions and get an interactive display of the candidates. They see the matching percent with candidates and can compare their answers question by question. As they share their results on social media, you will benefit from both the rush to your website and the rich pool of data!

Create current political questions

Make a list of the election’s most controversial topics. Use interesting questions generating differences between candidates and the opinions of diverging political fronts.

Receive candidates’ opinions

Invite candidates by e-mail to answer to your questions. Send a ready-made link through which they can easily give their own opinions and other details.

Launch it for voters

Embed your VotingAid app on your website close enough to Election Day. Spread the word about it in news, social medias and other important channels!

Martta Alajärvi YLE

“”We used VotingAid for the Sámi people’s election in 2015. We got lots of positive feedback from the voters, with members of the indigenous people saying that it made them feel empowered and helped to build a feeling of importance around the election.”

Sami RuokangasMTV

“"Both voters and candidates alike have enjoyed using our Votingaid. Usability has proven to be great and the feedback we’ve received has been very positive. Our experiences of working with ZEF are wonderful; there are energetic, young people who are always with a very positive attitude innovating with us. An inspiring partner!"

Ismael Nafría Digital Innovation Director, Grupo Godó/ La Vanguardia

“"It’s not enough to create something fun, entertaining and engaging - our VotingAid was all this but in addition it provided cutting-edge journalistic content that we used to generate several unique news items. Our readers discovered new facts about the candidates and had an overall positive reaction to the tool."

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Alexandria Pankkiiriliike

Alexandria Pankkiiriliike


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