Collect warm leads and sell more with interactive content

ZEF is your tool to boost your inbound marketing and sales with interactive quizzes, powerful lead generators and profiling surveys.

Attract customers with
interactive content

People love interactive content which is why an online quiz is much more engaging than a plain blog post or a static advertisement in social media.

Collect warm leads and
sell more

With ZEF you can boost your inbound marketing and sales by creating interactive quizzes, powerful lead generators and intelligent surveys

Understand your
customers better

Collect useful information about your customers’ needs and interests with online quizzes. Every marketer wants to know more about their audience and a quiz works extremely well for finding out people’s honest opinions.

Forbes listed interactive content as one of the biggest trends in digital marketing for 2016.

Integrate with HubSpot

Transfer all the collected data from ZEF to your CRM and use that data in your marketing automation.

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These days sales and marketing have transformed from having been two separate teams to being one team within an organization.

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I have often wondered how two sales representatives selling exactly the same product, in the same market, with the same price and the same features, can come up with extremely different results.

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