Intelligent surveys for
insightful sales & marketing

ZEF is an online platform taking your interactivity to the next level. Build meaningful surveys, quizzes, selectors and assessments to profile your audience and make better decisions.

Already over 100 million collected answers.

Profiling survey as part of the sales dialogue

With ZEF you can automate the sales dialogue and profile potential buyers already before the first sales meeting. Profiling survey as part of the dialogue will raise potential buyer’s commitment level and prepare both parties for the sales meeting.

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Automate the sales dialogue with a profiling survey
Interactive content for sales and marketing

Create interactive content for sales and marketing

Drive traffic from social media to your website and engage visitors with interactive content. With ZEF you can generate warm leads and analyze user data to understand your customers better. Take your sales and service processes to the next level with intelligent profiling surveys.

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Make better decisions
with intelligent surveys

Make data-driven decisions based on intelligent survey data. With ZEF you can find out the most important pros and cons in your business right now and take actions with real-time reporting as your support. Our patented technique enables you to collect the most accurate survey data in the world.

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Learn how to double your close rate with pre-meeting profiling:

Intelligently built digital dialogue will increase the likelihood of your sales. With a pre-meeting survey you are able to engage the customer and the sales rep to be better prepared for the upcoming meeting.

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