We treat each other with love
We treat customers with love
We treat users with love
We love what we do
We are here to change the world
We develop ourselves to be the best
We act now
We never give up
We are brave to change
We encourage each other
We know as a team we will do it
Some of Our Perks

Satisfaction guarantee

Work and travel

Ping pong

Meeting industry leaders



Meet your team

“Developing our product is motivating because there’s a clear, noble purpose. It is not only about some lines of code but actually helping people.”

Juha Koskela, CTO

”The amount of positive thinking ZEF Warriors are capable of is astonishing and really cheers you up every day!”

Maija Leino, Customer Coach

Our Warrior Culture

We believe that in the best place to work in the world team members are on a mission. It is very important that every Warrior can connect their own personal dream to our common dream.

We empower our Warriors to do their work exactly the way they want and with the tools they need. We all want to keep the organization as lean and simple as possible. We trust on our Warriors and we understand that responsibility and authority are inseparable sides of the same coin.

We share the goods of all the victories made together and pay our Warriors well for their duties. We also challenge every Warrior to be the best version of themselves everyday and so often the greatness is found in the unexplored zones. We promote well deserving Warriors and every leader has earned their position from the fellow Warriors. We involve every Warrior to our own big decisions and we want to listen to understand, not to reply.

We believe in mentoring and encourage every Warrior to find their own personal mentors to support their growth. We also appreciate all the achievements and milestones by celebration, laughter and joy making every step along this journey filled with love, passion and bravery.